About Me

What I Do:

I collect user stories and business requirements, glean valuable insights from them, and use those insights to create compelling designs that meet user’s needs, which I then present in a way that everyone can appreciate.

How I Do It:

As an example: I work with stakeholders to identify the scope of the project and any important business needs. After agreeing on a plan of action, I conduct user research, using any of many research methods. Once I’ve gathered enough user information, I then synthesize what I learned using pattern-finding methods, and from the patterns that emerge, I draw important insights. I then use those insights to iteratively design solutions that meet user’s needs, all while requesting feedback from stakeholders and conducting user testing to see how people respond. Once a design has been finalized, I work with visual designers and engineers to make sure that the project is brought to a successful conclusion.

My Personal Touch:

UX design is as much a collaborative effort as it is a personal creative endeavor. As such, I prioritize keeping all parties involved and informed throughout each stage of the design process. I am a strong proponent of collaborative brainstorming, and I try to encourage wild ideas.

A Brief Bio:

I am a graduate of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, receiving my Masters in Human-Computer Interaction in 2013. Prior to attending CMU, I graduated from Juniata College with a BS in User-Centered Informatics (a major of my creation) in 2012. My professional career began at FactSet Research Systems, Inc., where I worked as an interaction designer from 2013 to 2014.

The technological world is at the cusp of a new design-centric era; my education and skills as a User Experience Designer and User Researcher have prepared me to be a part of this. Both hardware and software have been extensively developed, but the usability of such products is still developing. It is my intention to foster this development.

I also wish to explore the use of sound and music in computer UI design. I believe that sound is an underutilized sensory medium, and that it has the potential to greatly improve the productivity and quality of life of computer users.

Outside of my business life, I write and produce music, and am creating YouTube tutorials for vocal recording and special effects. Links to my SoundCloud and my YouTube Channel are on this site.

Click here to view my general résumé.

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