Alarm Clock Prototype

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Of all the assignments for my Prototyping lab (Fall 2012), this one was the most fun. The assignment was to prototype a basic alarm clock using five different prototyping methods:


alarmclock paper


alarmclock powerpoint

Balsamiq and InVision…

alarmclock invision

…and the Flex programming language.

What I learned: This was the first project where I learned the value of iterative prototyping. I enjoyed this assignment because it showed me just how much a design can evolve when iterated through several forms of prototyping. Further, it taught me the value of debugging; there were several instances when the final version threw errors. I learned to systematically test portions of the code, to find the broken piece.

I have attached all versions of the clock, as well as a copy of the source code for the Flex prototype. The link to the InVision prototype is at the end of the PowerPoint deck.

Alarm clock paper
Alarm clock PowerPoint
Alarm clock Balsamiq
Alarm clock Flex
Flex clock source code

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