Junior Interaction Designer at FactSet

FactSet's company logo and corporate HQ

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Human-Computer Interaction Program, I was offered a job at FactSet Research Systems, Inc., in Norwalk, Connecticut, based on a referral from a friend. FactSet is a software company that produces a suite of financial analytics applications for corporate clients, from investment bankers to wealth managers to buy-side analysts. It also provides valuable financial data and high-quality customer support.

At FactSet, I was a part of the Application Design team, which is within the company’s Product Development department. AppDesign consists of a dozen people of various disciplines, including interaction/UX designers, graphic/UI designers, and front-end developers. I was one of the interaction designers.

My work at FactSet consisted of collaborating with product developers to decide on design project requirements and user needs and creating wireframe solutions based on those requirements and needs. I presented my designs to relevant stakeholders (product developers, graphic designers, front-end developers) regarding general design direction, adherence to visual design standards, and technical constraints.

My contribution: I owned no less than twelve projects during my time at FactSet. I created detailed wireframes and presentation documents that served as interaction design specifications for their associated projects. I established a strong rapport with colleagues in AppDesign and Product Development. In graduate school I developed strong professional presentation skills, and FactSet gave me the opportunity to further enhance them. I advocated User Experience design best practices, and strove to keep the needs of the users at the forefront of the conversation. I helped revise the graphic design standards used by AppDesign, and provided critique for design assets as needed by my co-workers.

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