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One of my projects for Interaction Design Studio (during the Spring of 2013) consisted of working in a team to design a mobile application for a specific target demographic. The deliverables included a presentation to the class, a brief design specification, and the wireframes used to create the design.

For this project, I worked with three other classmates: Kiran Lokhande, Chris Mueller, and Shreepal Shah. From the list of demographics, we chose to focus on the “mobile worker.” After our exploratory user interviews with workers on the go, we narrowed our scope to specifically focus on personal tutors.

We generated several iterations of prototypes before settling on our final concept: AltiTutor, an organizational app that helps a tutor manage the logistics of their job, so that they can focus their attention on teaching their students.


Prototypes created using Balsamiq Mockups

Prototypes created using Balsamiq Mockups

When we finalized our concept, we generated an appropriate design language and created our hi-fi screen mockups.


Finally, as part of our end presentation, we created a walk-through video (something only one other group did) to communicate how our app worked.

My contribution: During our research phase, I conducted one of our five user interviews. When we brainstormed using paper prototypes, I focused my design around simplicity and navigability. After we combined our paper versions, I created many of the Balsamiq mock-ups that helped bring us to our final concept. When we began work on our design language, I contributed content to our mood board, which informed our color palette and font choices. Finally, I created the background music and narration for our walk-through video.

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