Poster Project


The third project in my Interaction Design Fundamentals class (fall 2012) was a real learning experience for me. Each of us had to create a poster for an avant-garde architecture conference. We were given preset text that we had to include, and we had to make the poster using Adobe InDesign. The professor provided pictures for the students to use; however, we could also add our own images.

What I learned: Our professor taught us several valuable lessons in the field of typography. For instance, he taught us about sticking to a grid when laying out text, managing colors appropriately to convey meaning, displaying text in a hierarchy, and viewing a document in multiple formats as a way to better analyze it. As someone who was very new to design thinking, these lessons gave me a better idea of what to look for when designing a layout. From this assignment, I improved my critical eye, paid more attention to detail, and demonstrated my ability to create a clean, elegant visual design.

The Origins of the Avant-Garde in America

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